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IMG_0403From: Erik Brown

Owner & CEO
Brown Fitness, LLC

Dear Friend,

  • Are you worried that your spouse no longer finds you attractive or sexy?
  • Are you dealing with low energy, sleepwalking through your life?
  • Have you been concerned about staying healthy for the future, your children and even your grandchildren?
  • Do you want to start utilizing a fast and super efficient workout system which can transform your entire life?


My name is Erik Brown, RKC, CSCS, and I’m a registered kettlebell instructor and professional fitness trainer — and I’m here to help you transform your entire life.

As the founder of Brown Fitness, LLC, our motto is “Transforming Bodies, Minds, and Souls, Every Day!” and we’re completely committed to you and your cause.

I’ve been a fitness enthusiast and athlete my entire life, including at the collegiate level, where I played baseball at TCU.

What I learned there wasn’t just about what it takes to perform at the highest level physically, but also mentally. I learned about leadership, motivation, passion and commitment, and these are the values I’m ready to instill in you as I help you on your journey towards amazing fitness results.

You can consider us the anti-gym, and we’re unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. So when you’re sick of pushy salesmen at big box gyms who view you as a statistic and not a person, and you’re tired of bogus infomercials and fads, you can count on Brown Fitness to get you into the best shape of your life.

I’m not just here to get you fit, I’m here to change your life!

You’ll look and feel at your absolute best, with a lean, toned body, more energy and confidence, and an attitude that’s ready to take on the world! Don’t just take our word for it though, we guarantee that you’ll see results.

Sign up today and be prepared to revolutionize your lifestyle, get the sexy body you’ve always craved, and feel better and healthier than you ever have before.

Paige Petta
Fort Worth, Tx

In 4 months I’ve lost 25 pounds and 12 inches from my waist, thighs, arms, and hips! I am happier and more confident and getting more attention from my husband, which is always a great thing!

“I’ve lost 25 pounds!”
  • Experience real results, gain more energy, and love what you see in the mirror.
  • Flatten your stomach, trim those thighs and tighten your arms and butt.
  • Be confident, look fabulous and feel sexy… you’ll be at your best!

Transforming Bodies, Minds, and Souls… Every day!

The Brown Fitness Training Program

photo title
  • Complete Fitness System based on the 4 pillars of fitness success — Mindset, Movement, Nutrition & Recovery
  • Fat-blasting and muscle-building total body metabolic training sessions
  • Kettlebell training torches fat, burning 9x the calories as traditional exercise!
  • Choose other metabolic team training, group training sessions with 10-25 people; or semi-private training, with just 4-6 people
  • Fun, challenging, innovative and efficient training sessions
  • Complete nutritional plan designed for you
  • Train with a motivated, caring fitness trainer
  • Ongoing motivation, encouragement & support
  • See amazing results in just two-three 45 minute sessions per week
  • High-tech 5,500 square foot training facility
  • Stop using boring machines, start using fun fitness toys. Learn how to utilize the kettlebell, medicine balls, ropes, bands, rigs and much more
  • We always put our clients, their unique needs and goals, and their results, first
  • Sign up today and get a one week free trial, and a 30 day money back guarantee!

…Our Facility is exclusive and not open to the general
public for drop-ins…

• Belonging to a facility that caters to clients only and has your best interest at heart, not their membership numbers like the Big Box gyms and Centers in the area.
• Belonging to and training with an eager and motivated group of people just like you, ready to make a positive change in their lives.
• Having me and my team personally GIVING YOU A PLAN FOR SUCCESS that is 100% guaranteed!

But, my program is NOT for everyone, and I’m OK with that.

We strive to build a strong, supportive sense of community within our facilities.

We love to work with serious, motivated people.

If this program is not a good fit for you, we will be happy to refer you to somewhere else that is.

Brown Fitness – The “Anti-Gym”

  • Fully focused on delivering real results to each person
  • State of the art training “toys”, bands, balls, ropes & more
  • Fast, fun and super efficient training sessions

Typical Big Box Gyms

  • Only trying to increase sales and commissions
  • Old machines and stale equipment
  • Same boring routines, workouts keep you in the gym all day
Testimonial Picture
Paige Pate

I am constantly talking about how wonderful this program is! I started working out here during a Transformation Challenge when a friend recruited me to be on her team, and I immediately knew that this was different. Erik not only helped me stay on a consistent workout schedule, but he provided suggestions for healthy nutrition and overall wellness. With his help, I have been able to make some important changes, not only to my workout routine but also to my eating habits that will last a lifetime.

I’ve lost over 30 pounds in less than six months, and I have been able to keep it off for almost a year. It has been fun to reward myself with new clothes as I have watched the inches disappear – I used to dread shopping, and now I love it!

Before coming to Brown Fitness, I thought I was too busy to work out regularly. I found myself making excuses about not having enough time, but the 45 minute sessions are quick and efficient and deliver amazing results and that is what makes Brown Fitness different. The program strikes a perfect balance of being challenging without being too hard and being doable without being too easy. It is never boring, and the exercises change enough to keep it interesting. I also think that Erik Brown himself makes it different – Erik is not only knowledgeable and passionate about helping his clients, but he is also a kind person who knows how to guide and direct people with a unique style that never feels intense or intimidating.

I do everyday and will continue to recommend Brown Fitness to my friends looking to change the direction of their lives for the better!

Shelley Cooper
Fort Worth, Tx

I met Erik after seeing an ad in the Fort Worth Star Telegram about Camp Kettlebell and Brown Fitness. My husband Gary called and set up an appointment. The process was quick and easy. I was surprised that I could barely finish the warm up with you! I had recently lost 50 pounds with a weight loss program that only focused on diet and was ready for some physical exercise to help me tone and get in better shape. We clicked on the Brown Fitness website, and after seeing the video of the “normal” women who were enrolled in the program as opposed to the typical hard bodies, my interest was peaked! I have always been of the mentality that I needed to lose weight and get in shape before I could show my face in a gym!!!!

At first I was nervous and afraid that I could not keep up, almost to the point of not joining! I was very happy to find that the class was easily self paced while still pushing you to be the best that you can be! Since starting Brown Fitness in April, in only four months I have have lost an additional 50 pounds and 18.5 inches. I’ve gained stamina and everyday activities are easier than before!

Before I started eating better and joining Brown Fitness, I could not walk form my car into work without losing my breath. I was taking the elevator because I could not make it up the single flight of stairs without huffing and puffing and it was very embarrassing. I did not want to attend any social events or go anywhere as I was afraid I could not keep up and it was a physical strain on my body to walk. After losing 100 pounds I am feeling much better! For instance, the stairs at work are not a problem any longer and I am not winded, I can actually bounce, YES, I said bounce up the stairs! I am more physically
active and as I stated in a text to you from our recent trip where I was hiking and
climbing through rock formations… I often turn to my husband or son and say, after performing a task that would have been very difficult or impossible before, “THANK YOU KETTLEBELLS!!!”

Thank you Erik for always being positive and helping all who enter your doors to be the best that they can be …if they want it!!!

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At Brown Fitness, we’re completely confident that you’re going to reach your goals and experience fitness success like never before. We’ll help you at every step of your journey, and help push you forward towards wonderful results.

We know that getting started with a new program is challenging though. That’s why we offer our clients an unconditional money back guarantee. Plus, you can sign up for a free one week trial membership.

Now there’s absolutely no risk to getting started, and there’s absolutely nothing to lose!

Here’s my personal GUARANTEE to you!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign up for our Fort Worth personal training and benefit from a 30 day unconditional Every Penny Back guarantee! If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the results that you’re seeing, and the way you look and feel, then you can receive a complete refund, no questions asked.

CLICK HERE to register for the top Fort Worth personal trainer or call 817-732-5255

When it seems like you’ve tried everything without seeing any positive results, it’s time to try something completely new – the anti-gym, Brown Fitness.

We care about you and the results you see, and we want you to succeed. In fact, we want to help you transform your entire life, and look and feel better than ever. With the four pillars of fitness success, our metabolic fat-blasting workouts, our fun fitness toys, and our steadfast commitment to you, we’ll help you reach your goals.

Our comprehensive program leaves no stone unturned, and our quick, super-efficient training sessions get you out the door and on with the rest of your day in no time at all. We offer fun, innovative group and semi-private training, and a results-driven program that can and will change your life.

Get started with Brown Fitness today, and experience something entirely different, and better, than the big box gym down the street.


Erik Brown

Owner & CEO

Brown Fitness, LLC

PS. It’s time to transform your body, your mind and your soul! Take action and change your life starting today. With our Every Penny Back 30 day guarantee, there’s no risk to get started. We’ll see you at the next session!