Semi Private Training – Our Semi Private training sessions focus on fast paced strength and conditioning circuits that will get your heart rate up. Studies have proven this to be the most effective way to increase lean muscle, improve conditioning and reduce body fat
in the shortest amount of time possible. These sessions only have an average of 4-6 people so you get your own personal program, just in a small group environment. Our Semi Private training programs are a fun, cost-effective way to get a dynamic, personalized, results-driven workout.

Price: $249.99 – 389.99/mo

CrossfitMetabolic Team Training – Metabolic Team Training is our revolutionary program designed to burn maximum fat in minimum time using only three, short, high intensity strength and conditioning sessions per week. We’ve taken our successful personal training method and adapted it to a larger group setting of 10-25 motivated people. These 45 minute sessions are unique and designed to be challenging and very effective, yet fun.
The best part is that it is done with the support of other people, just like you, looking to achieve their goals and elevate their level of fitness.

Price: $139.99 – $209.99/mo

Yoga – Coming Soon

Pilates – Coming Soon


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