BeastRippedAt Brown Fitness we strive to be the “Anti-Gym”. When you think of “gyms” what comes to mind? A big box with a lot of machines and NO direction in REALLY helping you to reach your specific fitness goals. That’s what large gyms do, they take your monthly membership “dues” and could give a rats bottom about whether you reach your goals. It’s all about the memberships to them.

Being a small local business… we at Brown Fitness have the opposite outlook on helping our community.

The Brown Fitness approach is simple:

  • Create an environment that shows we’re here to help YOU every step of the way to reaching your goals by having a supportive and motivational staff and community. Doing this leads to long term positive lifestyle changes.
  • Create cutting edge training programs that deliver REAL RESULTS.
  • Create an experience that you can get nowhere in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We have a very supportive community that our members love being a part of.

CrossfitAll 5,500 square feet of our Fort Worth facility and 4,000 square feet of our Burleson facility are aligned with our team’s core values and putting our clients’ results and relationships FIRST. We always strive to create an experience as unique as our gyms themselves.

Brown Fitness has everything needed to create amazing results: a pro-turf area for movement training and conditioning, bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, rigs, medicine balls, ropes and many more “toys”, that ensure our programs are varied, challenging and most important… fun.

If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, come join us! We’ll help you do that and more!